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The Seriously Good Storytelling Template Pack

Get the storytelling templates you need to make sure your story is on point without wasting time, muddling the storyline or suffering from I-don’t-know-how-to-convey-our-story syndrome.

There is no field where storytelling is more important than the not-for-profit and cause space. Telling stories allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience, which becomes imperative when you’re trying to elicit donations or attract volunteers.

Storytelling is certainly an art. However it is also a skill that can be learnt and that is where we are here to help.

Our Seriously Good Storytelling Template Pack will help you get the creativity flowing for your organisation’s storytelling and includes:

1. Storytelling 101 Overview
This guide will demystify the art of storytelling and how to make your message memorable.

2. Elements of a Good Story Checklist
Each and every post should consist of the Elements of Good Storytelling. This simple checklist will ensure you are ticking all the boxes with every post.

3. Storytelling Framework
This framework will show you how to tell your story succinctly and effectively to help your cause achieve its goals. 

4. Story Case Studies
Creating content but still unsure of how to compose, frame and deliver it effectively? Our Story Case Studies will help you to easily identify each of the elements of a good story so you can start using these in your storytelling.

5. How to De-identify Experiences for Stories
Many not for profit and cause organisations deal with high levels of privacy which can be perceived to impede good storytelling – this guide can show you how to take your clients experiences and de-identify them allowing you more freedom with storytelling and the ability to create connection with your audience.

6. Content Brainstormer
Why recreate the wheel every single month? Creating a great content brainstormer means you have one document you can return too every month with lists of ideas, thought starters, resources and other materials that will help you quickly generate content ideas to get you up and running.

7. Posting Checklist
There are some do’s and don’ts when it come to creating a great post. Having a simple checklist to reference will remind you of what that looks like and will help you get it right when crafting your actual content.

8. Creating Your Own Branded Hashtags
Do you find hashtags to be this crazy enigma that that everyone else seems to understand but it’s still foreign to you? This handy guide will help to translate the hashtag language and help you to create hashtags for your organisation that assist to achieving your goals.

9. Top Tips for Using Stock Images
There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to using stock images. Having a simple guide and checklist to reference when selecting and using stock images and will help you get the most out of this amazing resource. 

10. Diversity & Inclusion Checklist
Make sure your brand is diversity and inclusion conscious and always puts the best foot forward online with this simple checklist.



Visual Design Guide
Different social media platforms and formats need different sized images to make the most of the space and the platform. A quick reference guide shows you what sized image plays well where and is a great quick reference as you build your content.

Monthly Content Planner
Our simple template will help you plan out your content at least 30-days in advance.


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