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How to Use LinkedIn Effectively for NonProfits & Impact Businesses

Are you struggling to maximise the impact of your LinkedIn account for your non-profit or impact business? You're not alone. Most people have a LinkedIn account, but very few know how to use it effectively to drive real results.

Introducing LinkedIn for Non-Profits & Impact Businesses - a one-hour class designed to empower you with the skills and strategies you need to succeed on the platform.

During this class, you'll discover how to use LinkedIn as a powerful tool for your organisation. I'll walk you through the platform and its key features, showcasing the challenges and opportunities it presents for non-profits and impact businesses like yours.

You'll learn how to create effective content that drives engagement and results, and discover my unique connection strategy for integrating your personal and business accounts for maximum impact.

In one hour, you will learn:

  • The best ways to use LinkedIn as a charity, not-for-profit or community organisation
  • How the platform works and explore all the key features
  • Challenges and opportunities for cause organisations
  • Optimising your account
  • Creating effective content

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use LinkedIn to increase donations, reach new donors, and build a stronger online presence for your organisation.

LIVE CLASS: 26 June, 2024 at midday AEST. 


Your class will be delivered as a live online workshop. You can attend live and ask questions and interact directly.

When you purchase, you will also get immediate access to this class with a copy of the last session's recording - in case you'd like to dive right in! 

Should you miss the live session, you will also receive the new class as a recording in the Learning Hub, which you can watch at your leisure. 

When you purchase, you will be promoted to set up an account to the Learning Hub. To access the live class, or any of the recordings or purchases at any time, you would simply log in again at aleciahancock.com/login. 

What People Are Saying:

I found the content to be relevant, easy to understand, very thorough description of the platform and what works and what doesn’t. Your delivery was easy to listen to, conversational, knowledgeable and friendly. Which is what you want when the subject matter may be intimidating! Thanks Alecia!

Jenny O’Brien - Neighbourhood Watch State Coordinator

You gave me some really useful information to take back to our team. In particular, the figures on the proportion of Linkedin users who are also decision makers at work, that the platform is trusted (important for us), and the potential to reach younger people, including tertiary students, who are looking at career opportunities. The presentation was very clear and easy to follow, with the added bonus that if I need to go back and listen again, the webinar will be available in the Learning Hub.

Dee Ferris - WANADA